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The one and only uniquely bespoke Skin and Nutrition Clinic. Experienced holistic professionals pioneering natural, personalized, plant and mineral-based skin treatments.


The clinic is at the cutting edge of modern research. Specialising in weight management and improving health through Nutrition and Phytomedicine instead of conventional remedies.

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Claudia Louch
Internationally-renowned natural holistic skin specialist, nutritionist and health scientist
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“I had suffered for years with various facial rashes that came and went and I was always tired when, about three years ago, I developed rashes and blotches on my face that first became permanent, and then began to get worse. My eyes watered all the time – I had to stop using eye-makeup. I went to see a consultant dermatologist who immediately prescribed a topical [medical] cream and then another immuno-suppressant cream. The rashes diminished but they were still there and still flared up from time to time – they were obviously symptoms of an underlying problem or problems and, although the creams helped suppress the rashes a little, they weren’t treating whatever was causing them.

I really didn’t know what to do next; but then I met a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. In the past, she’d always looked pale and exhausted but now she was radiant – when I said how marvellous she looked, she told me that she had been seeing Claudia Louch at the her skin clinic. She suggested that I go and see Claudia as well.

I am so grateful that I took my friend’s advice. Claudia listened very carefully to everything I told her and then sent me for a series of blood tests, including allergy tests. The lab is close by and can do blood tests immediately without appointment so I had them done that afternoon. She also asked me to stop using all my usual cleansers, moisturisers and shampoo and instead use her plant-based, chemical-free preparations.

I had several more blood tests over the next few weeks and each set of results told Claudia more and more about my health, which allowed her to prescribe supplements and tinctures that quickly improved the various underlying conditions she’d identified. The allergy tests showed that I was very allergic to all dairy products and to several other things that I’d been eating all my life, and Claudia suggested suitable replacements.

My health has improved dramatically: I am no longer tired all the time, I have much more energy, the rashes on my face have virtually cleared up and – best of all – I can wear eye makeup again! I am so grateful for Claudia’s help – I cannot recommend her practice highly enough.” *

*Results may vary from person to person.

Jane Kilpatrick
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