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17 Apr 2014

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Ageing has got a bad reputation. Ageing is a privilege, not a right, and yet the modern world has us believing that we have to do everything in our power to hide or reverse the signs of time.

Firstly, we need to get it out of our heads that ageing is bad. The way the media goes on about the quest for eternal youth and reporting that ? shock, horror – a celeb has a WRINKLE is not good for any of us, as it would have us all believe that we have to look 20 years old to look good. Not true.

Forget about products with wild claims of everlasting youth, looking 10 years younger, instantly hiding wrinkles and so forth. If any of this were actually true then we?d all look in the prime of our time.

Yes we all want to look the best we can be and we absolutely advocate looking after your skin properly to keep it looking as good as it can. Here at the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic we offer natural anti-ageing products that respect the skin and harness the body?s own healing potential, for optimum skin health and beauty.

You can also take your own steps every day to keep your skin looking great. Good skin health and a good skincare regime can keep wrinkles at bay for a little while longer and help your skin remain smooth and plump, so load your diet with fruit and vegetables (and lay off processed foods) and follow a twice-daily skincare routine and your skin will thank you for it by looking great.

Eventually though, nature is going to take its natural course so when you do get a wrinkle, don?t hate how you look because of it. Just keep on taking care of your skin so it always looks as best it can. Find peace in looking the best you can, instead of following an impossible dream of perfection and everlasting youth.

And next time you see a wrinkle, celebrate its journey; be it the nights you spent nursing your poorly child back to health, or the hard work you put into renovating your house, or whatever the hard and rewarding times are that have made up your life. Next time you see your smile lines, think of all the amazing things that have made you smile over the years. The features of your face are evidence of your life well lived, so don?t hate it ? celebrate it!

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