Bedtime beauty routine for better sleep

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9 Oct 2015

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Do you ever have trouble drifting off at night? Then why not try out this bedtime beauty routine, which will not only put your skin in good health but can also aid in a better night?s sleep.

1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly, taking this chance to indulge in some facial massage as you apply your cleanser, to release any tension within the face and neck. Don?t rush this; spend a few minutes on this step and really be aware of the effects of the massage on your face and enjoy it. Rinse the cleanser away thoroughly.

2. Apply an eye cream, pressing gently but firmly around the eye area to release tension and increase circulation.

3. Using a lavender facial oil, apply a few drops to your hands and then massage into the face thoroughly, inhaling the scent deeply as you do so. Lavender is a well-known sleep enhancer and this, accompanied with the deep breathing, will help to relax the mind and body.

4. Once in bed, continue the deep breathing (the lavender scent on your face will still have an effect), inhaling slowly then exhaling to release the breath. Try to free your mind of any thoughts as you concentrate on your breathing, before drifting off to sleep.

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