Choosing the Right Dermatologist in London for you

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24 Sep 2014

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Where do you turn when you have a skin complaint that needs treating? With so many practising dermatologists in London promising cures for all kinds of skin conditions, it can be hard to know who to trust or where to start.

You want to find a specialist that you can rely on and a natural dermatologist in London who will work closely with you to find the best treatment for your very specific set of needs.

Obviously, the final decision should be down to personal choice, but here are some things you can look out for when searching for a dermatologist that will really help you to see results:

? It is important to visit a dermatologist who understands that everyone is different and offers completely bespoke therapy programs tailored to your lifestyle, your health and your skin. A treatment plan should only be worked out following extensive consultations and a full assessment of your medical history.
? Many London dermatologists offer quick fix solutions and invasive treatments such as acid peels, Botox and laser surgery. Make sure that you are not being forced into this type of treatment and spend time fully researching the implications of these processes. It is always advisable to seek natural cures and exploit the potential of the body?s own excellent immune system.
? Find out what range of treatments your dermatologist offers, such as Phytomedicine and botanical skin care, and decide whether this is right for you.
? Make sure that you check what goes into the treatments you might receive. Ensure that they don?t contain harmful synthetic chemicals like parabens or titanium dioxide, which are unfortunately all too frequently used.
? Find a London dermatologist with an excellent reputation and long history of satisfied patients. Always seek out references and recommendations when finding the right practitioner for you.
? Check for the dermatologist?s credentials, research history and qualifications. It goes without saying that they should be a fully accredited practitioner and a recognised expert in their field.
? Make sure that your London dermatologist uses state of the art equipment and that you feel comfortable in their clinic. A central London dermatologist office may be the most convenient for you.
? If you have any concerns at all about the type of treatment you will receive or what will happen during your visits, your dermatologist should always be available and happy to answer any questions.

For many people, seeing a dermatologist is a lifeline in fighting skin disorders. The most commonly treated conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema, can be painful and disrupting to everyday life, so finding a skin expert who you trust and who fully understands your needs and concerns is extremely important.

So take time when looking for a natural dermatologist in London, your research will be invaluable and you will save yourself considerable stress and money by getting it right first time.

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