Dermatologist And Nutritionist in London

The Harley Street Skin and Nutrition Clinic, is a world renowned natural skin and nutrition clinic located on number 10 Harley Street, in London.  The clinic provides bespoke, personalized treatments based on each individual’s requirements. The natural skin specialists treat patients with bespoke medicinal plant based remedies tailored to their skin condition.

The Harley Street skin clinic has successfully treated patients with chronic skin conditions for many years. A number of patients have tried unsuccessfully many other forms of treatments prior attending the clinic. The patients undergo a thorough series of investigations to better understand the underlying condition to their skin condition.

Claudia Louch’s remedies are 100% plant and mineral based products.

The Harley Street clinic is worldwide renowned for its bespoke nutrition and weight management services to include weight loss, and weight management as well as customised diet plans for celebrities and professional athletes.

The clinic also specialises in eating disorders, hormonal disorders and fertility.

All diets are customised and based on each person’s health, hormone and leptin status. Claudia Louch has been very successful in treating patients with a vast array of nutrition and weight management concerns.

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