Eating well during the festive season

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28 Nov 2014

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The festive season is fast approaching, which can only mean a barrage of opportunities to indulge in tempting treats such as mince pies, finger foods, cakes galore and three-course festive feasts.

While we?re not ones to turn our noses up at such delights, it is all too easy to over-indulge at Christmas time, which can put a burden on your digestive system and reveal itself in dull, sluggish skin and leave you feeling a distinct lack of energy (and there are still so many parties to go to!).

Here?s our guide to not over-feasting before you?ve even got to Christmas day:

? Indulge in treats by all means, but don?t feel like you have to eat every single morsel that?s put on offer. Recognise when you are eating because you want to and eating just because it?s available.

? Step away from the buffet bar! Hovering by the finger foods while chatting to friends means that those delicious treats can all too easily be consumed by the platter-load before you can say the word ?heartburn?! Once you have collected your plate of food, walk away from the buffet before eating it.

? If you?re heading out to a Christmas dinner party, make sure you don?t leave on an empty stomach. It can often take a while for food to be served to big parties of people, which isn?t helped by the free-flowing booze that is often doing the rounds. Snack on a piece of fruit such as a banana before heading out, to line your stomach for any alcohol consumption and so that you don?t hoover up the entire contents of the menu once the food finally makes an appearance.

? Resist the urge to eat all the little extras that appear at the dinner table; it?s amazing how much more you can consume in one sitting once you?ve bagged the bread rolls, devoured the olives and nuts and snapped up the After Eights!

? When food is being laid on by other people it?s all too tempting to eat until you?re bursting, which not only takes its toll on your system but can ruin your enjoyment of the meal, too. Control your portion sizes, eat slowly so that your body has time to recognise that you feel full and know when to stop eating when you feel like you’ve have had enough.

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