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14 Aug 2015

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The benefits of facial massage are vast and though you may think you don?t have time to take on such a feat, there is a simple way to add it to your skincare repertoire ? by doing it during your daily cleansing and moisturising.

When applying your cleanser and moisturiser, rather than just slathering on the product then going about your business, spend some time applying it with some easy facial massage techniques, to get the most from your product and to benefit your skin.

Facial massage is very effective at boosting skin health, as it increases blood flow to the face, boosting circulation and giving the face a healthy glow. It also helps to firm the facial muscles to help prevent sagging. Plus, the relaxing, soothing effect can have a positive on your mind for the rest of the day.

Here are some simple facial massage techniques:

1. First apply your cleanser over your face, then using your first two fingers on each hand, start from the chin and apply a gentle but firm pressure, sweeping outwards and upwards towards your temples.

2. Repeat this process, working your way up your face.

3. Light tapping motions help stimulate your lymphatic system to get rid of excess fluid and toxins, so using your fingers, gently tap around the under-eye area and across the nose and cheeks, moving outwards across the face.

4. Use your fingers to press firmly on your pressure points, including the brows, the nose, the temples and under your cheekbones.

5. Wash off your cleanser then repeat the process using your facial moisturiser.

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