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15 Oct 2014

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We all hope that once we grow out of our teenage years that we will leave behind the worries of Acne and blackheads. A number of reasons may be responsible for this including underlying hormonal imbalances, deficiencies, microbial imbalances on your skin, food intake and more.

Acne is caused by changes in your pilosebaceous units (which occur all over the body) and though most common during adolescence, can affect people of all ages. The symptoms of acne are widely recognised but often ignored as ?just one of those things?. Unfortunately, Acne is often a chronic skin condition that, in some instances, may require long-term treatment.

In some cases acne can just be the result of blocked skin follicles but there are any number of alternative causes of acne such as:
? Enlarged sebaceous glands and increased sebum production
? Genetics
? Stress
? Hormonal activity
? Exposure to certain chemical compounds and halogens
? Inadequate dietary regime
? Underlying health conditions
? Microbial skin imbalance

Though some of these causes are only temporary and easily treated, sometimes it is more difficult to address the cause of acne depending on the underlying cause and previous treatment regime.

Many acne treatment purchased over the counter in your local pharmacy may be harsh and further agitate your skin, causing further redness or soreness. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed in order to help with acne but have often a limited effect as well as contraceptives use.

The Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic is based in Harley Street and focuses instead on natural acne treatments that encourage your own body?s immune system to help with the healing process. Claudia Louch?s acne treatment in London is all about finding the underlying cause to your acne. To ensure this, each client is assessed on an individual basis rather than depending on generic methods.

During your acne treatments in Harley Street your personal history and family health history will be studied in order to find the source of your acne or skin condition in order to treat more than just the symptoms. Blood tests may be required to investigate potential underlying causes further, as acne is often associated with potential hormonal and gastrointestinal imbalances. Whatever the results, you will be guaranteed a skin care program that has been tailored exactly to you and your skin.

Follow up skin treatments may be needed in order to ensure your acne does not return. Acne needs time to heal; a process which is entirely dependent on the underlying causes and type of the acne. Your skin?s progress is reviewed regularly and treatment is adapted accordingly in order for you to receive some of the most tailored acne treatment in London.

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