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20 May 2016

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Today we are looking at the benefits of jojoba oil in skincare, which we have used as the key ingredient in the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Jojoba Day Moisturiser to help calm inflammation in the skin and reduce excess sebum.

Produced from the seed of the jojoba plant, a shrub native to California, southern Arizona and north-west Mexico, jojoba oil is renowned for its moisturising and healing properties. Because the oil is so light, it absorbs into the skin easily without any greasy residue.

But what?s really impressive about jojoba oil is that the chemical composition is very close to that of skin?s natural sebum, making it readily accepted by the skin and therefore suitable even for sensitive skin and dry skin problems. Furthermore, because it resembles skin sebum, jojoba oil helps to balance sebum production, making it ideal for greasy and combination skin.

Moving on to jojoba oil?s healing benefits, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to help calm and soothe, reduce redness and prevent the growth of some bacteria on the skin.

For these reasons, jojoba oil was a natural choice for the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Jojoba Day Moisturiser, which gently moisturises the skin and provides a soft finish to ensure smooth makeup application.

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