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30 Oct 2015

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With an innovative formulation created specifically for close-up photography and anyone in the limelight, the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic High Definition Liquid Foundation survives under the scrutiny of unforgiving cameras.

No wonder then, that beauty lovers everywhere are raving about it. Kate Finnigan at the Telegraph declared “I’m sure I’ve had fewer breakouts since using Claudia Louch’s High Definition Liquid Foundation?, while beauty bloggers have been applauding it in their droves:

?This foundation covers blemishes, redness, and evens out skin tone like a dream so it’s super easy to get that flawless finish and I didn’t need to use any extra concealer at all.? We Were Raised by Wolves

?The finish is really lovely – it’s flawless and dewy and is ideal for me. I’ve been struggling with foundation recently as my skin has been so dull and dry. The Claudia Louch foundation has provided exactly what it needs and makes my skin look glowy and perfect.? Cupcakes and Cherries

?It’s one of the best foundations I’ve tried in months. There is a reason why this is called an HD foundation, it makes your skin look flawless.? From Roses

?The dewy, radiant finish of Claudia Louch High Definition Foundation is incomparable to my current foundation stash. It’s really not your run-of-the-mill, light luminescence on the face kind of dewy. It’s celebrity, red carpet dewy. As if your skin’s glowing post-facial with a fresh layer of oils massaged in nicely.? Get Gawjus

Get camera-ready and discover the Claudia Louch HD Foundation for yourself.

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