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26 Sep 2014

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Many people are interested in taking a natural approach to alleviate their skin conditions or issues with their skin and so with this in mind, I wanted to take a closer look at how natural dermatology works and how it can benefit your skin.

Here at the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic we use the foundations of natural skin science, phytomedicine (plant-based medicine) and botanical skincare to harness the body?s own immune system and healing potential, rather than resorting to intrusive medicines and harsh skincare. This means that we don?t use any invasive procedures (including laser, IPL, Botox, fillers, dermabrasion, glycolic or other acid peels), synthetic products or over-the-counter/prescription medicines.

My approach has produced powerful results for a great number of patients (often after years of them experiencing failed conventional treatments) and I believe a large part of this is down to the fact that we treat every patient as an individual. This means creating completely personalised treatments and formulations for the individual?s skin needs from the inside-out, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

We do this by assessing every patient?s individual skin needs, as each person?s skin has its own physiological characteristics and undergoes stresses linked to personal lifestyle and underlying health conditions. Furthermore, our bio-organic skincare treatments and products are all formulated to order at our in-house Phyto-Pharmacy, according these individual needs.

The role of health and nutrition
Skin conditions don?t begin and end with skincare; health and nutrition also play a large part, which is why we perform a full medical history and health examination as standard to find out as much as possible about each patient?s health and how it could be affecting the skin. This includes:

? Full anthropometrics
? Blood pressure
? Blood oxygen
? Comprehensive urine analysis
? Skin analysis using the skin clinic?s cutting-edge Skin Analyser, Dermatoscope and skin photography
? Medical history and family medical history

Sometimes it is necessary to further investigate the underlying cause of skin issues through scientific pathology blood and skin tests, which is why we work in partnership with a premier London Pathology Laboratory, as it has a huge array of laboratory tests at its disposal.

Once a diagnosis has been ascertained we produce a comprehensive treatment plan, which includes:

? Customised medicinal plant-based and mineral-based skin treatments, which are prepared individually for each patient
? Internal medicinal plant-based prescriptions if necessary
? Depending on the skin condition, in-house skin treatments may be suggested to help accelerate recovery. All in-house treatments are performed by my clinic?s highly-qualified and trained Skin Therapists, who work under my direction to optimise each skin treatment to the patient?s skin condition and requirements

If you are interested in natural dermatology to treat a skin condition, you can book a consultation with Claudia Louch by making an appointment enquiry.

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