How to apply foundation

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15 Aug 2014

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When applied properly, foundation can hide a multitude of sins and make skin look flawless, radiant and healthy. It?s important to choose the right foundation and apply it properly, otherwise the result can look cakey and unnatural.

Here are our top tips for flawless foundation:

1. Foundation can be applied with a brush, sponge or your fingers ? it is entirely up to you what you feel most comfortable with and what gives the best result for you. Experiment with each application method and choose the one you feel happiest with. If you choose to use a brush or sponge, make sure you keep them washed properly to avoid bacteria building up on your tools.

2. Preparation is key, so give your skin the best base to work with by moisturising your skin thoroughly first. Leave your moisturiser to absorb for five minutes before applying foundation.

3. For the most natural finish that gives the results you are looking to achieve, make sure you choose the right foundation for your skin type and needs. For instance, the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Flawless Finish Liquid Face Make Up is a lightweight formula that provides light to medium coverage and helps to improve skin blemishes and elasticity, while the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic High Definition Liquid Foundation is ideal for people looking for a fuller, long-lasting coverage with added luminosity. For coverage that doesn?t mask natural colour, the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Mousse Foundation is a light-as-air formula that evens out skin tone and fine lines while helping skin retain its natural moisture. Decide on what you want from your foundation and choose one that most suits your needs.

4. Choosing the right shade of foundation is paramount to it looking natural. The best place to test your shade of foundation is on the jawline in natural daylight ? you know it is right if the colour disappears into the skin. If it shows up as too light or too dark on the skin, opt for a more suitable shade.

5. It is best to apply foundation in natural light so that you can see the true colour of the foundation, and with the light evenly behind you so that it doesn?t create shadows on your face.

6. When applying foundation, squirt a small amount onto the back of your hand and then dip your brush/sponge/fingers into the foundation, as this will stop you applying too much at once. It is better to build up your coverage slowly than caking too much on.

7. Apply from the centre of the face outwards, blending out towards the hair and jaw line. The key to a natural finish is to blend, blend, then blend some more! If foundation ends abruptly at the hair line or jaw line, or if it cakes in your eyebrows then your foundation will look very obvious, so the more time spent blending will be time well spent.

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