How to contour your face with powder

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3 Jun 2016

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Once the reserve of make-up artists, contouring has now become hugely popular for people wanting to enhance their bone structure. When done right, contouring can slim down a wide face and help define the bone structure with clever sculpting.

The key to getting contouring right is to think natural, natural, natural ? you are enhancing areas of natural shadow to make the bone structure appear more prominent, so it has to look natural or it won?t work.

You can use either a cream or powder contouring product and we have found that the darker shades of the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Mineral Compact Pressed Powder create a fantastic, natural contouring effect, as it is a matt powder with no shimmer, in very natural shades.

When choosing your shade of powder to contour with, it is essential to opt for one that is only slightly darker than your skin tone to ensure it looks natural. Think of contouring as enhancing areas of shadow and choose a colour along those lines.

Apply your contouring powder either to a bare complexion if you are not using foundation, or on top of a powder foundation; if you apply a powder contour to a cream base, it won?t look natural.

Where you apply your powder depends how you want to sculpture your face ? contouring under your cheekbones and around the eye socket will provide definition, while contouring either side of your nose will slim and lengthen this area. To slim down a wide face, you can blend upwards of your cheekbones to the hairline, and downwards of your cheekbones towards the mouth.

Use a small brush with a small amount of powder ? you can always build up the look with more powder if necessary. Using a light touch, brush the powder on in small circular movements, buffing well to remove any harsh edges to blend it seamlessly into the skin. Build up with more powder if necessary until the desired look is achieved.

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