How to use mineral powder

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22 May 2015

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Mineral make-up is a great choice for those of you who prefer to use natural ingredients on your skin. Here?s how to apply mineral foundation powder:

1. Make-up always looks best on a well prepared base, so make sure you cleanse and moisturise your skin first before applying your mineral powder.

2. Decant a little of your mineral powder to make sure you don?t use too much ? the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Mineral Loose Powder is ideal for this as it has a shaker within the lid.

3. Swirl a powder brush in the decanted powder, then tap off the excess.

4. Brush the powder lightly over your skin starting from the middle of your face and brushing outwards ? don?t press it into the skin. Build up the coverage as necessary ? it is best to start light and increase coverage rather than apply too much.

5. Mineral powder is also ideal as a setting powder over liquid foundation to finish your look and banish shine.

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