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8 Apr 2016

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If you keep your skin scrupulously clean but are still prone to bouts of spots and skin irritation, perhaps the solution is easier than you think: clean your cosmetic tools regularly.

You wouldn?t keep using the same cutlery to eat your meals without washing them, and the same should go for your skincare and make-up tools. Otherwise, they will accumulate a build-up of dirt and bacteria, which will be spread straight onto your skin each time you use them.

Things like flannels or wash cloths need to be rinsed thoroughly in hot water after each use and put in the wash with your laundry every couple of days.

Make-up brushes and sponges can be cleaned in a bowl filled with hot, soapy water; be sure to rub each one gently to make sure all dirt and product build-up have been removed. Once they are all clean, lay them out on some clean kitchen towel to dry thoroughly.

And don?t forget your hands! Always wash your hands before applying skincare and make-up, to stop you from transferring dirt, grease and bacteria straight onto your face.

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