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11 Apr 2014

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When it comes to skincare it is far too easy to pile on product after product; perhaps trying out sample sachets, or another new moisturiser you were seduced into buying on a whim, or alternating between 10 different serums you have residing in your drawer.

But there is a lot to be said for keeping your daily skincare routine simple. If you overload your skin with different products or use products that aren?t right for your skin type it could actually undo all your hard work, as the skin may become clogged and it can upset your skin?s natural balance.

When using the right products in the right way, skincare products can be extremely effective at keeping skin healthy and happy. To get your skincare back in line, analyse your skin type then choose the best products to suit it and stick to your routine.

When selecting products for your skincare regime, first go back to basics: cleanser and moisturiser. This is the basis of any skincare routine and absolutely fundamental to good skin health.

Cleansing is so important to keep the skin free from dirt and bacteria, which would otherwise lead to spots, blemishes, irritation and dullness. Give your skin a thorough cleanse each evening to remove make up and grime that has accumulated throughout the day, then cleanse again in the morning to refresh the skin.

Moisturising protects and hydrates the skin to keep it soft, supple and radiant. Moisturiser is also a great weapon against ageing skin, helping to prevent lines and wrinkles that occur when the skin is lacking in moisture. Don?t believe that only dry skin needs moisturising – all skin types will benefit, including oily skin; just make sure you choose the right product for your skin type.

Once you?ve chosen your cleanser and moisturiser, you can then add in additional products that are targeted to your skin?s individual needs. This can include daily care products such as toner, eye cream and so forth, as well as weekly treatments such as an exfoliator and face mask.

The new Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic skincare range has products suitable for all skin needs, including sensitive skin and problem skin. The natural formulas contain the highest-quality ingredients to treat the skin while leaving out harsh ingredients that can cause aggravation. To find out more, click here.

Once you have chosen suitable products for your skin, get into good habits. A twice-daily routine alongside weekly treatments will keep your skin in the peak of health, so no slacking!

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