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25 Sep 2015

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Cleansing is an essential part of your skincare regime; you can apply the best moisturisers and treatments but they will be wasted if you don?t cleanse properly to remove dirt, make-up and pollution.

But before you dash off to the bathroom to slather on your cleanser, be aware that not all cleansing was created equal. Don?t waste your time smearing on a dab of cleanser then splashing away with water; here?s how to cleanse properly, for healthy, clear skin day after day.

? Don?t leave cleansing until bed time, as you will probably be tired and lacking the motivation to give it more than a minute of your time. Instead, cleanse in the evening once you know you are in for the night.

? Wash your hands before you begin cleansing, otherwise you will be transferring more dirt and bacteria onto the skin.

? Warm water is best for cleansing as it can help to loosen the dirt on your skin. Be careful not to use hot water though, as this can damage and dry out the skin.

? Remove your eye make-up first before cleansing, so that it doesn?t end up all over your face.

? Using your favourite cleanser (we have wash and lotion cleansers at the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic), work the product gently into the skin, being thorough in your approach. Don?t just stick to the face ? include the jawline and neck in the action, too. Maximise this step by incorporating facial massage at this point.

? Wash off completely using warm water and a clean flannel or muslin cloth, ensuring all the cleanser has been removed.

? Repeat the cleansing process again ? a double cleanse is always preferable, as the first cleanse will remove make up and dirt while the second cleanse will cleanse the skin completely.

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