Natural And Holistic Skin Care in Marylebone

When searching for a dermatology clinic in Marylebone, you may come upon Claudia Louch. She is a natural and holistic skin specialist, pharmacologist, nutritionist and also a health scientist, which started her very own practice in 2005 here in London.

The clinic is situated in Marylebone, central London

Sometimes it can be hard to find a dermatologist and nutritionist, such as the Harley Street Skin and Nutrition Clinic which specializes in holistic approaches and provides a full range of services. However, Claudia not only specializes in skin conditions but she also offers botanical skin treatments, allergies, plant-based medicine as well as clinical nutrition and more. The dermatology clinic, as well as the nutritional clinic, uses all natural processes which will help the healing process and also help the healing potential of the immune system.

Services the Harley Street Skin and Nutrition Clinic focuses on are weight loss body treatments for film casting, body presentations, eating disorders, hormones imbalances, fertility issues, nutrition and health conditions as well as nutrition plans for professional athletes.

The Harley Street Skin and Nutrition Clinic treats a number of skin conditions, such as skin allergies and dermatitis, acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea.

Every skin condition treated starts with a thorough skin analysis that reveals the skin’s microstructure on a level that was only available at the top research institutions. The Claudia Louch skin and nutrition clinic provides also cutting edged natural anti-aging treatments which aren’t invasive for the body but highly effective.

Not only are plant-based treatments used, but also fango treatments. This type of treatment is used to heal more complex issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and much more. Fango is an Italian word for mud which is sourced at the bottom of the South German Basin. The special qualities of the mud are due to its composition of fossil ingredients from organic and inorganic substances. This includes precious minerals as well as the high proportion of mineral oil. All of the skincare products used are completely natural, bio-organic and they do not contain any types of synthetic chemicals.

The Claudia Louch’s dermatology and nutrition clinic which is situated in Marylebone has been open for many years treating clients from the UK and worldwide which know the fantastic results the clinic provided to the patients since 2005.

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