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Weight loss & weight management

*Results will vary from person to person and are not guaranteed

Claudia Louch is a world-renowned weight loss specialist who counts many national and international celebrities among her Skin and Nutrition Clinic patient list.

Claudia’s approach to weight loss differs entirely from other concepts, as it does not follow extreme dietary concepts nor unnatural food intakes; instead dietary programs are entirely customised to each Patient, using natural foods only, which depend on the individual’s gastro-intestinal health, as well as hormonal balance to include the weight hormones leptin and ghrelin. Claudia customises individual dietary plans only following a thorough health check-up at her clinic, comprising hormone balance, dietary needs, requirements and lifestyle circumstances.

At the Skin and Nutrition Clinic, every patient undergoes a rigorous health check before being prescribed a personalised diet plan. This means that you can safely achieve your weight loss goals and maintain your weight loss long-term. *

(*Results may vary from person to person.)

A person’s weight and health are intrinsically linked and the combination of poor nutrition and lifestyle habits in conjunction with hormonal imbalances in modern society is part of the leading causes for weight gain and obesity, and to developing health issues such as glucose intolerance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, PCOS, hypertension and dyslipidaemia. Therefore, by losing weight you are not only improving your appearance but you are contributing to a better health, too.

The Skin and Nutrition Clinic Set Point Diet

The Skin and Nutrition Clinic Set Point Diet is unlike any other diet. It is not a ‘fad’ diet based on extreme dieting and unnatural food intakes; instead it respects the underlying metabolic and hormonal science of each individual’s body, which makes it sustainable over time. It serves to restore our body to our natural or genetically programmed body weight; this ideal weight is scientifically referred to as our ‘Set Point’.

Claudia Louch’s Set Point Diet is designed to reset the body’s hormonal balance point, as close as possible, to its original setting. This is achieved through a carefully customised dietary program following an in-depth health-check, combined with independent laboratory blood analysis. **

Claudia Louch tailors every diet plan to the individual by establishing each person’s weight loss goals and targets, implementing them over agreed weekly and monthly periods. Individual progress is closely monitored throughout the program, with active support and dietary changes applied throughout the period as required. *

(*Results may vary from person to person.)

How and why the Set Point Diet works

The Skin and Nutrition Clinic Set Point Diet works on the principle of leptin resistance; hence each patient undergoes a rigorous health check prior to starting their diet, which includes the measurement of the individual’s leptin levels to form the basis of each diet plan.

Leptin’s function is to signal, through receptors in the hypothalamus (the control centre for our hormones in the brain), to control energy intake and appetite. Most of us are born with a genetic optimum or ideal weight, based on leptin production levels directly related to our genetic composition. **

Through research, it has become evident that a person’s Set Point (ideal body weight) can be disturbed by years of yo-yo and crash dieting, or by eating the wrong nutritional composition of daily foods. This unnatural food consumption regime and behaviour can induce ‘leptin resistance’, a state which causes the hypothalamus to change the body’s natural Set Point, leading to body acceptance of a higher ideal weight (obesity) which results directly to future difficulties in losing weight. **


Weight Gain, Weight Management and Eating Disorders

Claudia Louch at the Skin and Nutrition Clinic does not only specialise on weight loss, but her helps patients to gain weight or indeed maintain their ideal weight, as well as customising specific diet plans for athletes and patients who wish to improve their exercise regime in conjunction with a nutritionally balanced diet.

Claudia is also a well renowned Nutritionist specialising in weight gain, as well as a range of eating disorders. You can find more information on how Claudia can help you with eating disorders on our dedicated eating disorder page.

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