Mineral Loose Powder

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The Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Mineral Loose Powder comes with a shaker in the lid for easy application. It absorbs excess oil and covers imperfections to set your make up and reduce shine. The silky application of the Mineral Loose Powder will not cake or clog pores, gliding over the skin effortlessly for a natural, light finish. The Mineral Loose Powder can be worn alone or over make-up and should be applied with a powder brush.


As with all Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic products, Mineral Loose Powder is 94% natural, hypoallergenic, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores) and free from fragrances and harsh chemicals including parabens, methylisothiazolinone (MIT or MI) and SLS, making it suitable for use on all skin types and many skin conditions.

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