Acne Treatment & Causes

*Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed

Acne is a skin condition caused by changes in your pilosebaceous units and is most common during adolescence, although it can affect people of all ages. Symptoms of acne include open-closed commedones, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

Acne can often cause scarring, especially if boils occur and spots are picked or squeezed (which can also lead to secondary infection). Acne is often a chronic skin condition that in some instances may require long-term treatment.

Causes of acne
Acne develops as a result of blockage in skin follicles. Other causes include:

  • Enlarged sebaceous glands and increased sebum production
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Hormonal activity
  • Exposure to certain chemical compounds and halogens
  • A high GI or high carbohydrate diet
  • Low levels of vitamin A and E in the bloodstream
  • Underlying health conditions

Conventional acne treatments and approaches
There are a number of conventional medical and over-the-counter acne treatments available, but some of these may be harsh on the skin or involve courses of antibiotics. Some conventional acne treatments may interfere with contraceptives and may be contraindicated for pregnant women. It is sometimes advised to avoid direct sunlight while using conventional acne treatments. The Skin and Nutrition Clinic instead takes an entirely natural approach to acne treatment, as follows.

Natural acne treatment at the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic
The Skin and Nutrition Clinic is different to conventional skin specialists in that it takes a completely natural and comprehensive inside-out approach to acne (and all other skin conditions treated), to harness the body’s own immune system and healing potential. Uniquely, the Skin and Nutrition Clinic assesses each patient’s condition on an individual basis rather than using generic methods. The clinic’s main aim is to investigate the possible underlying causes of your acne to therefore treat the source of the symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms alone.

Your personal history and family health history are assessed, your skin condition is evaluated using a cutting edge scientific Skin Analyser (which can also reveal potential microbiological skin changes), before a personalised program is created to treat your condition. Blood tests may be required to investigate potential underlying causes further, as acne is often associated with potential hormonal and gastrointestinal imbalances. This program will provide you with systemic and external medicinal plant-based treatments as well as dietary advice, and may potentially incorporate in-house clinical skin treatments to be discussed during the consultation.

Any acne skincare provided will be completely bespoke-made by the Skin and Nutrition Clinic Phyto-Pharmacy to your skin’s own requirements, to maximise results. *

*Results may vary from person to person.

Acne needs time to heal; a process which is dependent on the underlying causes and type of acne. Once the spots are gone, it may be necessary to implement a maintenance plan to keep the spots away. Your skin’s progress is reviewed regularly and treatment is adapted accordingly.

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