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18 Mar 2016

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As we (slowly but surely) start to see in spring time, it is a good opportunity to spring clean your beauty routine for healthy, happy skin.

Throw out old make-up. Take a look through your make-up bag and think about when you bought the items in it. It is all too easy to hoard make-up for a few years without even realising! Items such as mascara are particularly important to keep fresh, as old formulas can accumulate bacteria, which can cause infection.

Check that your skincare is suitable for your current skin type. What your skin may have needed in deepest, darkest winter might not be what it needs now that the weather is warming up. Adapt your skincare products where necessary to suit.

Spring clean your make-up tools. Make up brushes and sponges can easily harbour bacteria, which is then transferred to your skin every time you use them. Wash your tools regularly in hot, soapy water to keep them squeaky clean.

Make sure your skincare routine is targeting all your skin?s needs. Take this opportunity to consider if all your skincare needs are being met. Do you have dry patches? Would an eye cream be beneficial? Add or adapt your routine to suit.

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