Timeless beauty tips

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31 Oct 2014

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There?s nothing like a bit of wisdom passed down through generations, especially if your grandma, mum or other relative sharing their beauty secrets looks amazing to show the fruits of their labour!

Older generations didn?t have the arsenal of beauty products that we have at our fingertips today, so simple tricks and creative solutions were key.

Here are some of our favourite beauty tips that have stood the test of time:

? Splash your face with cold water before applying your make-up to close your pores

? Always, always wear sun protection

? Sleep on a satin pillowcase to stop flyaway hair and to help prevent wrinkles

? Treat puffy eyes with slices of cucumber or chilled tea bags

? Keep hands beautifully soft by applying hand cream before bed then wearing cotton gloves overnight to let the cream work its magic

? Nothing adds a touch of glamour like a swipe of red lipstick

? Don?t overpluck your eyebrows ? your natural shape is always the best

? Olive oil makes a miracle multi-use beauty treatment; use on sore lips, dry elbows, cuticles, split ends and more

? Smile – it looks great and doesn?t cost a thing

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