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11 Sep 2015

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Mascara is a beauty staple, helping to lengthen, curl and define lashes for a fluttery finish. Here?s how to make the most of your mascara.

1. Not all mascaras are created equal ? there are many different formulas and wands promising many different effects, so look for the most suitable one for your requirements. Our Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Intense Lash Mascara is suitable for even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, offering volume, length and curl with a natural, water-resistant formula that lasts for up to 12 hours.

2. It is most people?s natural reaction to pump the wand into the barrel to load more mascara onto the wand, but actually what happens is that you are pushing air into the tube, which will make the formula dry out and become useless. Opt for twisting the wand within the tube instead, for a mascara that lasts longer.

3. Talking of making your mascara last longer, it is however important to throw out your old mascara about 3 to 5 months after opening, to prevent the growth of bacteria, which can harm your delicate eyes.

4. Because eyes are so prone to infection, it is also important never to share your mascara with anyone, or borrow a friend?s mascara, to prevent the spread of bacteria.

5. Finally, when it is time to throw out your mascara make sure you keep the wand; wash it out thoroughly to create the perfect brush for separating lashes or grooming brows.

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