Treating Acne the Natural Way

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16 Jun 2014

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Almost everyone has had one of those days when they?ve woken up and looked in the mirror to find a big spot on their forehead or chin. But, for some people, that day is almost every day and acne affects more than just your skin. It can affect your entire life in very real ways. Acne sufferers can believe that no one really understands how they feel, how badly acne affects their self-esteem, their self-confidence and simply their general outlook on life. Acne is often dismissed as a trivial problem but a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that acne patients experienced social, psychological and emotional damage at a level similar to those with chronic health problems such as epilepsy, diabetes and arthritis. Depression and anxiety are common amongst those who suffer with acne and it is therefore not surprising that some people will go to any lengths to find an acne treatment that works, all in pursuit of clear, healthy skin.

Some sufferers start by working their way through the natural remedies, of which there are many: tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and honey facial masks, aloe vera gel, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, garlic, oatmeal, avocado, mint and even potatoes. The list is endless and makes use of almost the entire contents of the fridge. But no one really knows what causes acne and working your way through every food product in the kitchen is no guarantee of success. There are often a number of factors combining to cause acne, such as genetics, stress, hormone changes, a high GI or carbohydrate-heavy diet, overactive sebaceous glands or allergies and intolerances to chemical compounds. Given the combination of possible causes for acne, the most effective solution for many is to approach an expert who can help untangle the issues, such as those at Claudia Louch?s Natural Skin Clinic in London?s Harley Street.

For acne treatment to have any hope of long term success, any clinic providing acne treatment – in London or further afield – should offer a completely holistic approach. Topical products and powerful medication may well work, but will probably only provide temporary relief and with sometimes serious side effects. Conventional medicine often only ever treats the symptoms and not the causes. For successful healing to take place, any treatment needs to come from the inside out. This might involve both internal remedies (including simple dietary changes) and botanical topical products which, in combination, will harness the body?s own immune system and healing potential.

In a society that places such great emphasis on appearance, acne sufferers can feel embarrassment, self-consciousness and even shame. But help is available from Claudia Louch. There are many very effective acne treatments and almost every case of acne can be brought under control. Yes, it can be a frustrating and disheartening problem and there is no overnight cure but, with the help of her Harley Street clinic specialising in acne treatment, everyone can have beautiful, clear, radiant skin.

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