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fango treatments
fango treatments

The Skin and Nutrition Clinic provides German Mineral Fango Therapy to treat chronic conditions of acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and many more skin issues.

Fango is the Italian word for mud and the German Mineral Fango history started around 170 million years ago at the bottom of the South German Basin, where a sea died from a lack of oxygen.

The special qualities of Mineral Fango mud are due to its composition of fossil ingredients from organic and inorganic substances, including precious minerals and the extraordinarily high proportion of mineral oil. Bad Boll, a renowned health resort in Germany, has processed the raw material of the healing mud into a valuable healing product; the ‘Boller Jurassic Fango Mud’ is unique in its composition and has been verified and approved as a medical product in Germany.

The healing power of the Boller Jurasic Fango Mud aids the recovery and healing of many skin conditions. It works in two ways; acting as an anti-inflammatory on the skin and increasing resistance to disease-causing bacteria, fungi or virus to prevent reoccurrence. *

*Results may vary from person to person.


German Mineral Fango Therapy at the Skin and Nutrition Clinic
At the Skin and Nutrition Clinic, a course of German Mineral Fango Therapy can be undertaken to treat chronic skin conditions, which will be completely tailored to your skin’s individual needs. The warm mud is applied to the body and left on for a period of time, before being washed off in a hot shower. After completely drying off, a period of rest in a warm bed stimulates circulation and intensifies the detoxifying action, followed by a full body massage. *

*Results may vary from person to person.

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