100% Natural skincare
plant based treatments
plant based treatments

All skincare and body care products prescribed at the Skin and Nutrition Clinic or used within the clinic’s treatment rooms are high-performance medicinal plant-based products, which are 100% natural and contain active ingredients sourced from plants and/or minerals.

These products are not manufactured by a third-party manufacturer; they are produced to the highest of standards at the Phyto-Pharmacy at the Skin and Nutrition Clinic, by qualified Phytomedical practitioners. Furthermore, these skin treatments are bespoke-made to each patient’s individual skin needs for maximum results. *

*Results may vary from person to person.


What’s special about Skin and Nutrition Clinic Medicinal Plant-based Products?
Medicinal plant-based products (also known as Phytomedical products) are skincare products formulated with ingredients derived from medicinal plants. The ability of these ingredients to enhance skin function depends on how the Phytomedical Practitioner formulates them into creams, lotions, etc. Only an appropriate formulation can maintain the integrity of the active ingredient, deliver it in a biological active form to the skin, reach the target site in sufficient quantity to exert an effect and properly release it from the carrier vehicle.

The source of the plant material is also very important, as each botanical part may contain over 200 different chemical constituents. Furthermore, the season in which the plant material is gathered greatly affects its composition. For example, certain plant processes are only present in autumn when leaves are shedding, while other processes are only present in early spring when immature leaves are present on the branches.

The Skin and Nutrition Clinic uses only the highest quality natural ingredients to formulate its skincare products, with all ingredient suppliers certified by the MHRA in the UK. All primary raw ingredients are sourced from manufacturers in the UK and Australia, which adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and strict ethical and environmental policy. The importance of quality control in sourcing crude herbs is imperative and the clinic sources all its raw materials from sustainable sources.

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