Understanding dark under-eye circles

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6 May 2016

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Dark under-eye circles can make an otherwise healthy complexion look tired and dull. So what causes them?

Because the skin is thinner around your eyes, the blood flow behind the skin is more visible, hence the dark purple colour that shows through. Tiredness can exacerbate dark under-eye circles, as circulation slows and blood can pool in this area.

Age can be a culprit, because as the skin ages it becomes thinner and collagen production slows down.

Seasonal allergies can also contribute to dark under-eye circles, as blood vessels become inflamed and swell.

The bad news is that genetics are usually the cause ? if your parents have dark under-eye circles, chances are you will have them, too – which means that trying to get rid of them with countless creams is futile.

However, alongside making sure you regularly get a good night?s sleep, you can use cosmetics to considerably brighten and conceal dark circles.

Whether or not you already have dark under-eye circles, it is essential that you take care of the area with a hydrating eye cream on a daily basis to keep premature ageing signs at bay. This also serves to create a good foundation for the concealing products you then apply.

To camouflage dark under-eye circles, first use a good quality colour corrector, such as the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Colour Corrector. Yellow counteracts blueness, bruising and dark under-eye circles, while pink brightens darkened areas. Pat this in around the entire area around the eyes, including the inner corners and eyelids.

Follow this up with a concealer that is closely matched to your skin tone. The Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Concealer Trio contains a trio of different shades, giving you the ability to find the perfect blend to match your own individual skin tone, for completely undetectable wear. Again, apply this over the entire area around the eyes.

This will serve to dramatically reduce any visible darkness and you can then complete your make-up routine as normal, applying foundation and powder as necessary.

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