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7 Jan 2018

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Dear Patients,

By now you are fairly familiar with the economic background and uncertainty created by the Brexit vote and the resulting inflationary pressure on prices and costs.

We at The Harley Street Skin and Nutrition Clinic have not been immune to these effects with rising lease costs at our Harley Street premises and import costs for many of our primary herbs and materials sourced from Europe and other countries; for us, this is combined with usual ongoing staffing uncertainties and rising related costs.

Notwithstanding this, we are committed to providing our unique service to our many loyal patients and to combat these headwinds are therefore, in keeping with trends in industry, commerce and increasingly, healthcare, will be embracing new web technologies to maintain all services in this digital age, whilst improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

We are already at the forefront of these technological trends having successfully, over 2017, introduced video, Skype and telephone consultations to a good number of existing patients and also some new patients. This together with widespread patient adoption of our online prescription reordering system and direct appointment booking ability through our website.

Given this success, we will over 2018 be extending these existing online tools to our entire patient roll and in order to make the process even friendlier for patients on the move, are currently working with our website developers to create an online App and website Chat facility, which will be introduced during the early part of 2018.

This new system immediately eliminates the many difficulties e.g. travel and commuting related, that many of you now experience daily, thereby allowing for a more stress-free consultation and prescription re-ordering process at your time and convenience.

This also means that we no longer need pure telephone support staff and reduce the ongoing expense of our Harley Street premises, as the entire process can now be conducted and delivered on a one to one basis by Claudia Louch, from any location to any patient location, with the same or even greater privacy and convenience.

As a logical extension of this automated service, patient queries and questions will henceforth only be communicated by email and /or website chat, be dealt with during online consultations or when necessary, by return email.
Claudia Louch will also set aside, on a weekly basis, a dedicated half day to respond to such questions via website chat. This will be on a first come first serve basis and naturally, to be fair to all, be limited to 10 minutes a session.

From recent experience we can assure patients that service quality will remain consistently high as Claudia Louch will now be controlling more of the process which together with her direct responses to patient queries and questions, the capacity for miscommunications, misunderstandings and delays will be minimised.

Our registered patients will also receive a step by step guide, outlining the exact skin and nutrition consultation procedures.


As for the many loyal patients, we thank you for your cooperation and look forward to assisting you, as usual, as we move forward together in this new digital way into 2018 and beyond.


Best Wishes and a Happy New Year

Claudia Louch & Team


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