Why use skincare products?

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10 Jul 2015

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Whether you have a basic skincare routine or have a dressing table overflowing with a myriad of different skincare products, some of you may ask: why use skincare products at all? Is it worth using skincare products or will a simple splash of water to cleanse each morning and evening suffice?

Well, whether you use skincare products or not is of course up to you, and if soap and water suits your skin just fine then there is no reason to change this.

However, for many of us skincare products provide a real benefit for our skin. Perhaps a cleanser reaches deeper than a splash of water can and therefore keeps your skin clear and healthy, or a moisturiser makes your skin feel more comfortable and look smoother.

Or for those of you who suffer from a specific skin problem such as spots, acne, dryness or eczema, you may use products specifically designed to treat this.

Start by assessing how your skin looks and feels and determine if it needs any kind of help with skincare products.

And you won?t know if a product is beneficial for your skin unless you try it, so if you are wondering if a serum, for example, is necessary for your skin, try a sample and see if you notice a difference.

If your skin is healthy-looking, clear and radiant, then you know whatever you are doing ? keep doing it!

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