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7 Nov 2014

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Winter can really take its toll on the skin, thanks to freezing temperatures outside and indoor heat that causes the skin?s temperature to continually fluctuate and dehydrate. This puts pressure on the skin?s protective barrier, causing it to feel tight, uncomfortable and sensitive.

Skin cell turnover slows down causing dry, flaky skin and exacerbating fine lines and wrinkles, while circulation can also get sluggish, making skin look dull and lacklustre.

But all is not lost! You just need to give your skin a helping hand and an extra dose of TLC throughout the winter months to keep your skin looking radiant and feeling comfortable.

Cover up. Protect your skin from the cold by covering it up while you?re outside. This means that a thick scarf, gloves and hat should come as standard with your usual attire.

Choose the right moisturiser for your needs. Using the right products for your skin type is imperative at any time of year, but winter time is when you need to make sure you are giving your skin all the help it can get. Consider the needs of your skin; does it feel tight and uncomfortable? Do you suffer from oily patches? Is your skin sensitive or inflamed? Assess what your skin needs and choose your skincare to suit.

Use a rich night moisturiser. Night time is ideal for applying richer formulas that may look or feel too greasy for daytime use. Don?t feel like you have to wait until you go to bed to apply your night cream; once you are home in the evening why not cleanse your face and apply your moisturiser straight away? This will give your skin hours of extra care.

The Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Face Cream with Deep Line Complex is a velvety emollient cream for skin that requires more oils without a greasy feel, making it ideal for both day and night time use. The rich formula provides intensive care for the skin and is absorbed instantly.

Don?t forget your hands. Hands can be particularly affected by the cold as the skin is thinner and produces less natural moisture, so keep a hand cream with you when you are out and about for protection on-the-go. You can also give your hands an intensive treat by applying a rich hand cream at night, then wearing a pair of thin cotton gloves while you sleep for maximum hydration and care.

Protect your lips. Lips are another area that lack natural moisture, leading to dry, cracked lips in winter. Licking your lips is actually more drying, so try to avoid the temptation and instead make sure you apply a lip balm as soon as you start feeling the effects of dry lips.

Know when to seek a specialist. If your skin condition is more serious, then it is worth seeking out the help of a skincare specialist who can give you the extra care your skin needs. Claudia Louch is an internationally-renowned natural, holistic skin specialist who takes a completely natural approach to skin issues, for effective treatments that are kind to the skin. Click here to make an appointment enquiry at the Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic.

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